Since 1986, Dr. Dry Wall Co. has been around to provide dependable home repair services such as drywall repair services in Wylie, TX. Over the years we have rendered our services to various kinds of home repair-related problems. We understand that each household problem is unique and this is why we handle each project with care. Our craftsmanship can immediately be seen with our finished projects. We are proud to say that we have a growing number of satisfied clients due to our skilled craftsmen and carpenters. People rely on us to provide only the best service when it comes to drywall repair in Dallas. Our highly trained workers will get the job done on the date agreed upon so you will not have to spend more due to added extra time for repairs.

The origin of our company’s name dates way back during our very first repair service which was repairing damaged sheetrock. From then on we made it our goal to increasingly provide additional services and train to be able to various repair services for your homes. This only goes to show that we do not take our job for granted. Each home repair service that we do is kept in our memories. At present, our skilled workers have their own specializations to various home repairs. We have craftsmen for certain repair jobs as well as carpenters for wall installation, demolition and even water damage repair in Dallas. It is not easy to build a loyal clientele in this business but we strive to be apart from everyone else and maintain our professionalism in every minor or major service that we provide.

Dr. Dry Wall Co. has always followed the safety guidelines in general construction because we prioritize safety and quality. We only make use of construction materials that are proven to be of top quality and durable. We treat each home as though they are ours and that is why we take good care of them. If there is one thing that we have inculcated from all our years in this business, it is to keep our credibility. Each job that we do is done with the same amount of skill and professionalism. General construction is a very competitive industry and we do our best to stay afloat with the latest construction technology and processes. This is our way of showing how dedicated we are in every home repair service that we do.

We are very thankful to our clients who have trusted us all these years when they are in need of repair services for their homes. Water damage repair in Dallas has been quite common these days due to unpredictable weather patterns which has left many homeowners in need of drywall repair services in Wylie, TX. That is why it is imperative that homes should be impenetrable especially by water. Our repair crew meticulously checks each wall, sheet rock, ceiling and window for any crack that might allow water to seep through and apply the necessary solution for this problem. We also give our clients helpful tips on how to avoid water damage so that their homes’ structure will stay firm and stable. We will tell what you should avoid in order to keep your home in perfect condition as well as giving you information to make its structure secure from potential damages.

Constructing one’s home takes time but maintaining it takes even longer, especially if the homeowner is clueless as to how to maintain it. Some homeowners do not have any background with simple house repairs and they cannot determine potential problems occurring with their homes not until the damage has become evident. Without the aid of experienced carpenters, your home will slowly deteriorate. The repair process that you thought could help you will eventually make matters worse. We do not step out of the challenge when it comes to coming with the best home repair solutions for our clients. This is what we are known for over the years of our sincere dedication in providing quality home repair and remodeling services.