To further understand how home renovation in Wylie, TX works, here is the process Dr. Drywall uses to achieve outstanding and jaw-dropping home renovations and improvements. Not only do we follow standard procedures, but we also add a touch of creativity and innovativeness.

After our clients have eagerly planned their budgets and designs and chosen the specific spot for the renovation and improvement, it is time to contact Dr. Drywall, and we will take care of it professionally!

1. The Demolition

Dr. Drywall has a team of exemplary workers and sufficient manpower to carry on with the renovation. With our modernized tools and equipment, rest assured that moving out your old furniture and tearing out the walls will soon be replaced with your own design.

2. Rebuilding

If you have browsed our gallery page, you will see photos of the reframing and rebuilding process we did for our previous clients. During this step, we follow through with our client’s plans and ensure that we give them satisfactory and beyond their expected results. Moreover, note that this process is not done in haste because our top priority is quality work that will guarantee the safety of our clients as well.

3. Mechanicals and Electrical

This step of the process is complicated, but Dr. Drywall is limitless! We ensure that all your systems are working inside your floors, walls, and ceilings before we go on to the next step. Remember that with our team of experts and professionals, we will meticulously make everything work for you to enjoy a better home.

4. Flooring

It’s our clients’ call whether to have their floors repaired or replaced. Dr. Drywall is flexible enough to have either and will do whatever is ordered. But we guarantee that it will not look the same as before. Our mission of renovating and remodeling comes with quality work so that our clients are comfortable inside their homes. Moreover, we only use top-quality products in every project we do.

5. Final Work

The process does not end when the flooring is done. Dr. Drywall is still in the process of providing our clients with the best. We place their furniture, appliances, cabinets, and other accessories in place. This follows through with the plan our clients have envisioned.

6. Drying and Decorating

Everything will be dried first before our clients can fully decorate. After that, let us see the outcome of your envisioned home improvement in Wylie, TX!

Overall, this is the process Dr. Drywall takes to provide the best home experience. Call us now at 214-415-3039. Or message us your concerns at