December 17, 2020

I called and asked for a quote from several local Dallas contractors to repair and paint holes left my drywall from a flat screen TV. While not the most convincing via email (something I attribute to his lack of computer savvy) Dewey Mason is the gentleman who corresponded with me via email and who I eventually hired based on responsiveness and pricing.

Dewey arrived early at my apartment and took a look at the project before getting items he didn’t need from his car and messing everything up. My impression of him was that he is a genuinely nice person, and is there to do quality work. He asked if he could sit on my sofa and if it would be okay if he listened to a radio (one he brought) quietly while he watched the paint dry to ensure uniform coverage. “Uhh, yea – you absolutely can Dewey; thanks for asking”. (!)

I get that grandpa feeling from him, super nice guy. He is someone you want to hire just to help him out, ya know “the little guy”. Now, don’t take this the wrong way- he did excellent work. I am not hiring him because I feel bad, or out of some notion of altruism. Dewey’s work was top notch, and I would not hesitate to hire him for all my drywall or general contracting needs!